Hi, I’m Amber.

Welcome to the chaos of my reality – 2 boys (1 snotty, dribbly babe, and 1 bossy, Minecraft obsessed 7 year old), a messy home, a job in administration, procrastinated study, a pile of dishes, a reheated half drunk cup of tea, an urge to find my style personality¬†in a wardrobe I’m growing to love, and an unwelcome mix of autoimmune disease to keep me on my toes (or off them..!).


Amongst the Lego, drool coated floors, Matchbox cars, PlayStation frustration and continual hold-me-mama-don’t-put-me-down-I-can’t-see-you separation anxieties, I am just your average mum, sharing (and proving that you’re not alone) in the roller coaster ride that is parenthood.imageScattered throughout these what the…?? moments, I’ll also share anything awesome I come across, because, well, how else do you stumble on cool things? More often it’s because you heard it from a friend!

Thanks for swinging past, I hope you can nod your head in agreement with some things, shake your head in disagreement with others, but at no stage, do I want to see or hear any parent shaming, body bashing or down right nastiness. The world already has enough keyboard warriors, don’t join that mass.

Instead, let’s have a giggle, a cry, a glass (or bottle) of wine together, and break down the walls of solitude in our parenthood journey.

Big love.


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