Kindness: one of the best gifts you can give

It’s right up there next to a smile, hug and compassion.

Being kind is so, so simple.

We’ve all been through tough times. We’ve all had people walk away when we were in our most vulnerable state. We’ve all needed help at some time, and will always need help in the future.

I had this thrown at me this week by a client:

Why did you go to so much effort for us?

I believe that what goes around, comes around. If I need help with something, I know that it will be there for me, and has been in the past. By doing the right thing by others, I am improving the quality of life for someone else, so why not pay it forward?

If I have the ability to do something for somebody, and it’s not causing detriment to myself or my family, then why not?

Being genuinely kind can turn someone’s day (or life, even) around so dramatically, and you may not even know the impact you have had.

Some simple ways of spreading kindness:

  • Pay for the next person’s coffee
  • Tell a colleague how much you appreciate their efforts
  • Let the car in front of you in the traffic
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Smile at everyone
  • Buy flowers for the workplace, or your loved one (or room mate, or friend!)
  • Ring that person on your mind and let them know you’re thinking of them
  • Put a note into your kids’ lunchbox telling them how much you love/admire/are proud of them
  • Check in (or even introduce yourself!) to your neighbour
  • Create a positive vibes jar
  • Bring treats to work
  • Have a relaxing bath
  • Know someone going through a hard time? Make them a meal and deliver it
  • Compliment a fellow parent on their child
  • Arrange a cleaner for a friend who has just had a baby, or is really time strained
  • Put your phone away when you’re talking to people
  • Clean out your wardrobe/cupboards and donate to your local charity
  • Let the person behind you in the supermarket line in front of you if they only have a few things
  • Give someone a hug. A real one…

These are simply little suggestions and of course there are many more ways to be kind.

Tell me your favourite random act of kindness.

“Always be a little kinder than you have to.” ― E. Lockhart

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