RA pain – the real feels

“What does the pain really feel like?”

That question is regular. It’s consistent.

It’s kind of like living with arthritis and it’s wonderful daily reminder of its existence.

Arthritis impacts both of my hands and wrists, and is clearly visible in these 2 areas.

It used to impact my elbows and shoulders, however, as my lifestyle has changed, I’ve noticed a reduction in the pain flaring up here, and less in severity in my hands and wrists also.

To describe the pain when it is going into a flare would be like this:

♥ Take a piece of wood to create a splint; grab some nails and a hammer; bash them into the wood so that they are poking out the other side, looking like a bed of nails in mini splint form; now and hold it in your hand like this with the nails pressed against your skin.♥ Now take a bandage, and wrap it around the splint firmly, around your wrist and up over your closed hand.

♥ Now try to open your hand, or bend your wrist.

There, you have an example of the pain I live with in varying degrees each day 🙂 Mind you, there are also days when I wake pain and stiffness free.

Adequate rest, stress, diet – they all play a massive role, and I know that when I haven’t paid attention to all of these things, then I am impacted.

As the primary carer for our children, these areas are all tested every day, but as I continue to work on my overall health, the flare ups have become less frequent, the pain has reduced, the heat and redness in my joints has decreased, the brain fog has gone (unless it is within an onset of a flare).

Fatigue is whole other area of work. That comes with a toddler that is slowly getting better with sleeping, and living with a shift worker, but I am learning to manage it, and I know when to say no, when to ask for help, and when my body needs me to slow down.

It’s just a gentle reminder to continue to show myself a little self love every day.

Be kind to yourself. x


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