Another last minute meal: Brussel Sprouts and Steak!

Last minute, whatever’s leftover in the fridge, lazy cooking.. whatever you choose to call it, the simple fact is I hate cooking almost as much as I hate grocery shopping (have you met “online grocery shopping”???? Oh my heart!) and that’s pretty damned hate filled.

I tend to cook on the fly, super simple, and repetitive.

Tonight I had every intention of starting the meal plan I put on the fridge last night, but thanks to a sick child, I didn’t make it to the supermarket for tonight’s ingredients (the delivery is due tomorrow evening 🙈).. a simple blessing in disguise in so many ways 😉

I had a few things in the fridge, and had steak that was meant to be for last nights dinner, but there’s only so much cooking I can do when I eat one thing, and each kid eats different..

Say hello to my little controversially challenged food type – all hail the brussel sprout (he and his delicious friend coriander are welcome anytime 😉).

  • Brussel sprouts sliced finely
  • Bit of butter
  • Teaspoon of garlic
  • Apple sliced (I smashed mine through the mandolin)
  • Tomato diced
  • Steak
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Balsamic vinegar to dress

Cook steak to your liking and put it aside to do whatever it does when it’s not being cooked (resting? Wtaf? Why does my meat get more rest than me??).

While the meat hangs out, fry your sprouts, garlic and butter, slice up the apple and chop the tomato.

Combine on your plate, slice some meat over the top, then dress with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

It’s surprisingly tasty. Enough so, that I’m sharing it because it’s something I’ll eat again.. and loved even more without meat (I could easily be vegetarian!).

Got a really basic recipe you’d like to share that I can taste test? Extra brownie points if it ends up being kid friendly!

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