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If my style was summed up in that manner it would be oversized, distressed well loved, and simple.

I hate complication. It annoys me. I like to see things put together quickly and easily – in every aspect of my life.

Keep it simple silly.

Each time I wear my House of Poly pieces I am complimented, and they are truly loved by all. In that regard, they fit in quite nicely with my style – simple, affordable and understated. Every item is given the love it deserves, and as I am quite ruthless with material possession, I only keep and wear what brings me joy, and provides value to my every day.

There is also something to be said for items that are made by hand. So much love and attention goes into the design and implementation of each stage and you know that you are getting a creation that has been made with you in mind.

Whether it be a necklace, drop earrings or even studs, there is a style for every person, and they make wonderful gifts aswell.

Grab your House of Poly piece here, and while you’re browsing, show Katrina your appreciation for her hard work over here. ♥♥

Huge love,

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