The Minimalists (and a new wallpaper)

I’ve been slowly moving out many of our possessions – less things to clean means more time to spend on the things I enjoy.

I am currently going through, ensuring that at least 1 item a day is removed. Removed doesn’t mean to the garage either…. If it can’t be sold on eBay or Gumtree, then it’s donated or destroyed.

While we’re not ready for the 333 Project just yet, in just a few short weeks the changes are noticeable in the household. By me not having to think about cleaning continuously, there’s less stress, less tiredness and it’s feeding through to the kids.

After watching Joshua and Ryan from The Minimalists, the impact they’re making by sharing their journey is beyond powerful. Seeing where they came from in their childhoods, into careers, wins, losses and finding gratitude in mindfulness is overwhelming, incredibly satisfying, heartwarming and positive.

What you take away from it could be completely different to another, however the underlying theory is to ensure that you surround yourself with only things that add value to your life – with less worry about possessions, there’s more time for adventure, love and life.

This is my new wallpaper. It’s my reminder that we’re on the right path to maintaining this level of happiness and gratitude.

(You’re welcome to save this image to set as your wallpaper also 😍)

There are so many people in my life that simply can’t understand why I want to downsize our home, and I don’t care for big, over the top houses, but it’s simply a matter of wanting to take back the control of my life and what’s in it, rather than having the things around me control my life.

Have you seen the documentary The Minimalists? If not, what’s your take on living simply? If so, what impact (if any) has it made for you?

Forever yours in gratitude and grace,

Amber 💋

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