Toddlers. That is all.

Currently, the multi wake ups during the night and 4-5am early rises and are leaving me drained. Beyond drained.

Toddler rage has taken over my house, and I have become a slave to the half metre man.

The wrath of a nappy change

If this is what zombies look like in real life, then I have become one.

Today as I sport a nicely bruised brow bone, and sip my triple shot coffee, happy that I can escape the angry 1 year old alien spawn (he seriously can’t be related to me.. surely not..) that I delivered in a bath of tears (mine, not his) to daycare this morning, I am trying to locate the positives, and fuel them with every inch of my being.

The positives currently running through my mind:

  • I’m at work and someone else is cleaning up the hurricane Harley destruction.
  • There’s an abundance of tea, coffee, water and wine at my disposal.
  • I can pee with the door closed, because the people I work with also enjoy the same simple pleasure (my boss/colleagues and I don’t have that kind of relationship. I mean, we’re close, but not that close).

Let’s face it, toddlers are arseholes, and I can understand why in the chain of life, some animals eat their young. 😉


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