Boss in your wardrobe

Boss in your wardrobe? Yes. Boss in your wardrobe.

I worked in retail for years. I always had an interest in “fashion” but the creativity that I loved on other people never seemed to rub off on me. It was a shame, because I wasn’t selling cheap clothing.

It seemed so easy for me to put on my jeans, tee and thongs.

It seems materialistic. Trivial even.

AG&HL_Divider_4I was raised in a family where, until my parents separated, most of mine, and my siblings clothes were either made by my mum, thrifted or passed on to us, as money wasn’t something that was readily available (as it seems to be for most families still in this day and age.. 🙁 ).

When my parents went their own ways, it was even more difficult for me, as I was coming into my teen years, and was being raised solely by my dad (who is an incredibly humble soul, and would give you his grease stained shirt off his back); but I always pored through stolen Dolly and Girlfriend magazines, ogling the beauty that was draped on every gorgeous flawless face, envious of a life I would never know.

Over the years I progressed through jobs in retail (errr…. a Harley Davidson custom shop, street/surf wear, mid range volume fashion) and I would find myself watching others just “get it so right” when they would put their clothing on. I was so comfortable working with people and being able to say “no that length cuts your legs off / the print is too much for you / black against your face is quite strong” yet when it came to myself, I just couldn’t put it together, and my self confidence progressively diminished.

I had learnt early on that certain colours didn’t suit me, and would make me look washed out, and also that hair colours could take me from looking sick, to looking bright and warm but as my health deteriorated, I even lost the passion for fashion – that was all I knew!

I couldn’t wear my beautiful heels (and I owned LOTS of them!), and my beloved jeans were being replaced by anything that didn’t have a zip or button (my hands went from normal to being inflamed and continually painful in only a few short weeks).

I had started to loathe myself, and didn’t care what I looked like, it was compounding, and impacting my headspace badly.


I came across the everyday style challenge on Instagram, and on the 19th November 2014, I started to take photos of my outfits.

My first everydaystyle photo ♄

I would look at them and see that something didn’t make me look any good, but didn’t know why it didn’t look “right” on me.

I love that print, so why doesn’t it love me back? That style looks so good on her, why doesn’t it work on me?

As I started taking photos, I was also finding that I was becoming more self conscious aware.

I was becoming more aware of the changes in my face, my body and it was (is, and always will be now) visible when my fatigue and arthritis were at their peak.

AG&HL_Divider_4It wasn’t long after that that I stumbled across Make It Look Easy.

There was this vivacious pair of gorgeous women, that could make their jeans and tee’s pop. They had this air of relaxed, perfectly executed style.

I wanted it. I missed it. I craved feeling “good” in my skin, and the fabrics that covered it in all it’s bright white glory.

I watched the offers of these shopping days, and style courses roll through my inbox, and social media for the next 18 months, heavily curious, always searching for Nat Tucker and Tatum Woodroffe or Make It Look Easy for inspiration.

Roll on through all the emails, facebook posts, and reminders of the next Boss Course. I was an avid ebay seller anyway, but this time, rather than selling my items to buy more, I decided that my very unsettled, personally defeated period needed to come to an end.

My passion deserved to be unlocked, and hell, I deserved to feel good again.

So I signed up to become the boss in my wardrobe, not even anticipating the dramatic effect it would soon have on my entire life.

AG&HL_Divider_4What does that even mean? The Boss Course????

The Boss Course is a guide to teach you style techniques for enhancing your style presence.

It’s about understanding and gaining the confidence to know exactly who you are and dressing to your personality, body shape and features.

Meet Nat, an interior and personal stylist from Adelaide. Her baby is Make It Look Easy, and one of the courses that she has created is the Boss course.

Nat has been running these courses for almost 2 years, starting them in September 2014.

She recently posed a question, with the most simple answer (which is applicable in all areas of life).

What makes things harder than they should be?

Not having a plan, that’s what. For every system, map, budget, plan or even schedule that we create for ourselves, this not only makes things run smoothly but they also help us to excel.

“I developed the Light, Dark, Colour and a Print system five years ago after two years of trialling it out on not only myself but hundreds of other Women too.

Now of course I have helped thousands of Women (since that time) implement this system into their lives too.

Here’s how it works. With every outfit you just make sure there is a Light, Dark, Colour and a Print and you are all good to go. Keeping in mind that a print can just be added detail on an item.”

See as follows:


“The Boss Course was created because I ran out of hours in the day that I could physically see Personal clients, I had hit the ceiling. I wanted to be able to help everyone conquer their wardrobe and enjoy life so taking my knowledge on line was the next step to achieving this.

Over seven years ago I worked as a sales Assistant in fashion but despite working in Fashion for over 20 years up until this point, I was lost.

I always felt self-conscious when deciding what to wear. I was always worried that I looked fat and frumpy, and I didn’t have the confidence to pick the right clothes even though I was given a look book of the current trends, I still never felt right or comfortable in what I chose. But it wasn’t just that. The gaps in my wardrobe made me so frustrated, and quite sad – especially seeing that you couldn’t actually see any physical space, my wardrobe was chockers, it was over flowing and this was CRAZY!!!!!

I knew their was a better way and I just knew that I could look better. But I had no idea how so I became a Personal Stylist and studied the shit out of it.

I worked seven days a week with clients, ran workshops anywhere I could, took on as many clients as I possibly could and then through all of that experience and after four years – I had my system down pat. It was golden and it could be taught to anyone.

So in 2014 – the Boss Course was born!”


I no longer have access to a full length mirror, yet am now able to get dressed without question. My wardrobe has been reduced by half, and what I own is now on heavy rotation, working very hard in the cost per wear stakes.

I have been blessed with women in my life that I may never have met. Each of them has their own challenges, yet lift each and every one around them up in honest, no holds barred ways that are so full of love.

I have always been an observer, someone who is happy to people watch; and every day, I check on these souls, crying for them, smiling at them (like a creepy window peeker 😉 ), taking inspiration from their styles, and drawing on their many personality strengths (I told you it has changed me..).

I have rediscovered my mojo.

In my opinion, the benefits have far outweighed any cost in this course.

AG&HL_Divider_4You can sign up for the wait list for the next Boss Course here.

Nat continually shares her secrets for simple style on her Facebook page, and her very stylish yet simple outfits are on display almost daily on Instagram.



P.S. No, this is not a sponsored post, but if you would like to work with me for future opportunities, you can get in touch here.

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