Wear what where

Part of the ‘BOSS in your wardrobe’ course is learning about colours that suit your tones, styles that suit your features, and understanding how to make differing colours work together.

It’s no secret that one of the things I materialistically live for are pants.

And shoes. Let’s not forget the shoes……. Although, while I have the topic of shoes out in the open, I have culled a HUGE amount of them now, and, like my clothing/accessories, I only have what I LOVE, and nothing that I feel meh about.unspecified

Give me drop crotch pants, and I will love you forever. They have been my go to style of bottom half dressing for years. About 4 of them so far…… 😐

These Binny silk harems cost a pretty penny, but I am a firm believer in quality over quantity these days (get more wear out of quality well made items that will last ♥) and they are worth every cent.

They’re silk, and have an elasticated panel on the waist band at the back so that the more I eat, the more they stretch. Winning.

Majority of my shirts are from Target. ensue shocked faces! Their boyfriend shirts are brilliant. Longer length, easy wear fabric, fantastic price point, and run in sizes from 6 to 28. SNAP!

My Mollini brogues are heavily loved. Like, really really reeaaally loved, to the point that both pairs are almost ready to be replaced…. Almost.

Until next week…… Stay fabulous. xx


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    1. Hi Meg, It’s around $1500. In the year that I’ve been a part of it, I have easily saved that amount in purchases because I am confident in my colours, prints and style.
      I highly recommend it! x

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