Wear: drop crotch denim

It is love. Yep. Deep seated materialistic love.

I’m not ashamed to admit it in this regard.

I wanted these One Teaspoon droppies! The became a need, and I’m not one for needing anything (apart from coffee).

So much truth in drop crotch pants being an odd style, but they’re comfy as hell and can be quite fun. I don’t think I’m game enough to share the total amount of pairs I own, but they have made their cost per wear a valid purchase. 😉

The secret to these guys is to make them my feature piece to my outfit keeping everything else simple.

My ankle boots are from Hobbs Shoes and were an impulse buy about 6 months ago and I was so unsure about them until joining the BOSS course and really learnt how to play with my style again. No regrets at all now.

This outfit took me coffee dating, playgrounding, to the park, shopping, house cleaning and finally kept me company while I fell asleep on the lounge.

All in a day’s work 😉

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