Eye Fake It

Love them or hate them, they’re becoming one of the best things I’ve ever treated myself too. I always used to wear mascara. It was my only mandatory beauty requirement.

I’ve never been one of those makeup people, no matter how much I tried.

Those gorgeous winged eyes, always bright lips, perfectly contoured cheeks – never could I pull it off, or maintain it.

Instead, I’m choosing to fake it. Although applying mascara is simply a few minutes in the morning routine, I now have no need to worry and simply give them a quick once over and step out to face the day.

Here is my beautiful Caz working her magic on my numbered lashes. 

 The 3 week mark – time for the infills to be done. They’ve lasted quite well. To 

And the difference in the before lashes and afterwards is incredible. I’m so happy that I did this for myself.

There is a noticeable amount of difference, and I love it. They may be fake, and provide me with a false sense of  all-done-up, but I actually feel confident and I don’t seem to get the same level of “gee, you look tired…” comments that used to follow me daily.

There are other things I’d love to change about my physical being also (braces for my heavily crooked teeth, implants for my post breastfeeding boobies, laser hair removal-oh, the thought of never waxing again!), but this is just a small thing that makes me feel so much better.


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